1. Over the past few weeks, I have been working on slowly impementing IndieWeb for my blog. I’m considering adding comment support to Sublime Blogs. This would allow you to not only have a form on your front-end that sends a POST request to the SublimeBlogs API, but it would also support WebMentions.

    7:24pm on June 13, 2022
  2. I finished migrating my site from Jigsaw to Laravel. It took me a little while but I’m glad I did. Jigsaw is great for simple sites, especially if you don’t want to worry about managing a server to run that site, but the development experience is not that great.

    I still have a lot I want to do to this site and having a backend will be necessary.

    10:31pm on June 11, 2022
  3. I’m almost done with my first week working at Wilber Group full-time. It has been going great so far and I’m learning a ton!

    6:47pm on June 9, 2022
  4. Today, I spent several hours trying to get my Arduino NRF24L01+ transceivers to talk to each other. I eventually got it working… mostly. It works, but it’s unreliable. Maybe I should just buy some LoRaWAN radios and a gateway for my latest IoT project 🤔

    7:13pm on June 4, 2022
  5. Back in November of 2020, I made the upgrade from an older, custom built, desktop computer running Windows 10 to the new MacBook Pro M1. It was a massive upgrade and I’m SO glad I made the switch. Apple has done a phenomenal job with their new line-up of processors, but I have been dealing with one major problem that has been driving me crazy for the past year or so.

    When my MacBook goes to sleep for a while and I come back, I’m greeted with the MacOS login screen with all of my open applications closed. I assumed it had crashed and restarted. After dealing with this for the past year or so, I finally decided to contacted Apple Support yesterday.

    I just opened up my Mac to the login screen again and all of my open applications had been closed. Very frustrating. I check the Time since boot in System Information and I noticed it said it had been over a day since it booted up. Strange.

    I started thinking, maybe it was not restarting but actually just logging me out of my user account. I did some research and figured out that there is an option in MacOS to have it automatically log out after a certain amout of time. And then it hit me, a security assistant app I had install a while ago had suggested that I enable that option. So I did. That is what has been causing my MacBook to seem like it has been crashing when it really hasn’t.

    It was a user error and it’s fixed now. 😁

    1:16pm on May 31, 2022
  6. I went swimming this morning. I did swim team for a few years but the last time I swam was about three years ago. My form was horrible but at least a got some exercise.

    9:03am on May 30, 2022
  7. I’m thinking about starting a podcast. I want to do weekly episodes talking about the development I’m doing each week. Of course, I would like to have frequent guests on too. Now to find a name 🤔

    9:33pm on May 29, 2022
  8. I have had one major problem with my website for the past month that I keep putting off fixing. And that is, I did not have a proper RSS feed until now. I finally sat down at my computer to fix it. Posts should now also be syndicating to

    10:35pm on May 28, 2022
  9. Done with work for the week and I have off on Monday!

    I learned so much more about Laravel this week. Mainly about:

    • testing
    • the service container
    • interacting with third-party APIs
    5:21pm on May 27, 2022