1. I think I know what I want to do this weekend. I don't know if I will have time but I want to add Micropub support for Sublime Blogs.

    6:49pm on June 24, 2022
  2. I had a good day at work today and the week is almost over. I might start working on a game for the PlayDate this weekend. And/or continue work on my truck.

    9:36pm on June 23, 2022
  3. Today I purchased a StepRamp motorcycle ramp off Facebook marketplace. It makes it super convenient to take my motorcycle in and out of the back of my truck.

    9:24pm on June 20, 2022
  4. The budgeting app I use, You Need a Budget (YNAB), has a developer API. I want to build an integration for it but I don't know what to build. This is a common scenario for me.

    3:10pm on June 19, 2022
  5. Ok... this SMS interface for Sublime Blogs is a game changer! I can blog as if I was having a conversation with someone. Amazing 🤩

    11:26pm on June 18, 2022
  6. I'm working on the COOLEST feature for Sublime Blogs: Text-To-Blog!

    I generally don't like text interfaces for the majority of things, texting to post to a Micro blog is perfect!

    11:18pm on June 18, 2022
  7. I’m starting to get really excited about the PlayDate by Panic I ordered. They are saying I will get it sometime next year but I’m hoping they will successfully ramp up production and get it sooner.

    I ordered it not too long after hearing about it but, evidently, I should have ordered it sooner. In the meantime, I can begin learning the Lua programming language so I can write games for it.

    Now to think up some game ideas.

    9:12pm on June 16, 2022