1. Here a few photos I have taken over the last two days with the Sony a6300. I think they turned out great! I did a few touch-ups in post but overall the photos were very good straight out of the camera.

    5:40pm on November 13, 2021
  2. Today I purchased a Sony a6300. I got a great deal on it used, and it came with four lenses. I have been testing it out a little, and it is a big upgrade from my Canon Rebel t3i. I will post some photos I have taken with it tomorrow.

    7:32pm on November 12, 2021
  3. Today I worked on cleaning and organizing my desk. I still have some work to do but it is already much more functional.

    I mounted a small shelf underneath my desk where I can place my MacBook Pro while it is plugged into my Caldigit TS3 Plus.

    I also ran a Cat 6 wire to an WiFi access point which also acts as a ethernet switch. Hopefully this will improve speeds now that I have a wired connection and increase WiFi coverage on this side of the house. Oh… and I also have my Synology DS418 with 2x 4TB Seagate IronWolf drives in it. It is also wired directly into the access point.

    5:51pm on November 8, 2021
  4. I just started using MQTT to control some IoT devices, and it is awesome! It is so much easier than what I have been doing trying to write my own server.

    4:58am on June 5, 2021
  5. I’m working on my electrical license and this video was very accurate with its explanation of the flaws in our extension cords here in the US. I wish more people understood wire gauge and the amount of current you can safely run through each size.

    5:21pm on June 2, 2021
  6. I went with some friends after Bible study to Chick-Fil-A and we all shoved in one vehicle going through the drive through.

    9:27am on May 29, 2021