1. I think I will use Digital Ocean spaces for image hosting on Sublime Blogs. I wonder how much bandwidth and storage each site will use 🤔. That is going to be hard to estimate.

    5:24pm on March 21, 2022
  2. I have been making progress on Sublime Blogs. It has been going rather smoothly. It’s always that way whenever I start a new project. Sort of deceitful… it gets much harder down the road. Currently, I’m just setting up everything, defining the database schema, and creating the basic dashboard.

    It took me a while to finally decided on a javascript text editor to use on the front-end. I have three major requirements. It has to support markdown, allow image uploading, and be open source, so I can tweak and customize as needed without having to worry about licensing.

    Easy Markdown Editor, or EasyMDE for short, fulfilled all three of those requirements and as a bonus, has a great UI. It’s a fork of SimpleMDE with a few added features. After a few hours of work, I was able to get the editor to send its content, on update, back to whatever Livewire component it is embedded in. It may not be the most elegant… but it works.

    4:56pm on March 21, 2022
  3. Here we are again… days since my last blog post. I really need to get better at blogging more often. I think I’m going to challenge myself to blog at least once a day. It may be something interesting… it may not. But I will at least post about something every day.

    4:29pm on March 21, 2022
  4. I guess that is how 7-Eleven restocks 🤔 …through the front door? Looks awkward for customers.

    “How can I help you, sir? Oh! Yeah… just ignore the giant semi truck out in front. “

    11:48am on March 18, 2022
  5. Inspired by Sublime Ads (a SaaS Vincent Ritter is developing), Sublime Blogs is a new project I’m working on. It is a Headless CMS designed specifically to add a blog to any frontend static site generator.

    After doing a lot of research, I’m yet to find a cheap and simple solution to move my blog over to Netlify. I’m very particular about my tech stack, and I want to be able to use the tooling I’m familiar with (Jigsaw and Tailwindcss) while still being able to post blog posts easily from my phone.

    I decided to solve my problem by building Sublime Blogs. More information coming soon…

    5:41pm on March 15, 2022
  6. It seems like I go through phases of posting frequently, and then it feels like nothing interesting happens for a while and I neglect to write anything.

    I have been working on a few projects that some may find interesting. I have outlined them below.

    Vue JS

    I have been working on learning Vue JS. For those of you that are not familiar with Vue, it’s very similar to React (a piece of technology built and used by Facebook (now Meta)1).

    I’m enjoying using it so far. I have the tendency to jump in head first instead of working through tutorials, so progress on the app I’m working on is a bit slow. I will post more about it soon.

    BMW f650gs

    I have been working on replacing the clutch in my 2001 BMW f650gs. It’s a bit tricky and the stack height on the new one I think is a little too tall. Hopefully it works.

    I know there are more projects, but honestly, I started writing out this post several days ago, and now I forgot what I was going to say. Oops 😬

    1. Is it proper to nest parentheses inside one another or is that just something I picked up web development? 🤔 [return]
    2:50pm on March 11, 2022
  7. I went for a ride this morning. It is remarkable weather today. I rode 21 curves, and as the name implies, has 21 curves. It was a little wet out but still a lot of fun.

    4:47am on March 6, 2022
  8. I know there were at least 10 dumb mistakes that were made to get to this point. I got stuck in the very wet and leafy ground out at my cousin’s house. He came and rescued the day (or, by that point, night) and helped me get out.

    3:31pm on February 21, 2022