Over the past several months, I've been planning to ditch the iPhone and flash a Google Pixel with GrapheneOS. One of the major challenges with switching is the lack of push notifications on most apps on GrapheneOS (unless you install Google Play Services, which I don't want to do for privacy reasons).

While at first this was a problem for me, I quickly started realizing over half the notifications I get on a daily basis I don't actually care about. And most of the notifications I actually act on are from just a few selected apps.

Even though I have postponed my abandonment of my iPhone 13 mini, I have gone down a rabbit-trail turning off notifications for almost apps on my phone. The apps I do have notifications turned on, I have them just set to badges so I can check on anything requiring my attention at my convenience.

Even though I'm only into my new notification stripped-down phone a few days, I'm really enjoying it.