Something interesting happened the other day. I was going through the Chick-fil-a drive-through and there had two lanes. One of the lines had a significant line while the other one had no cars in it. The way it wraps around the building, I could not tell if their where people working both lanes or just the one. And so I wondered, is this second lane open, and if so, why were was no one in that lane. It took me a moment to try to decide what line I should enter.

It was fascinating, because I chose to enter the line of cars in lane one as opposed to taking the risk of entering lane two and it turning out to be closed. I later approached the area where you place you order and realized both lanes were in fact open. Yet, in fear that I would end up in a lane that was closed, I opted to join the long line and play it safe.

Just and interesting observation. I'm sure their have been plenty of people that have studied this.