We arrived at the Ark Encounter about 15 mins before they opened. We purchased our tickets and then took a shuttle from the parking lot to the actual Ark Encounter.

The Ark was massive! It was remarkable to be able to walk through all three decks of the Ark and see the different exhibits explaining what Noah and his sons may have been doing while on the Ark.

A few things stood out to me. The first is that it would have been very dark in the Ark. The only light they would have had during the storm would have been a few candles or oil lights.

Another thing that stood out to me was that Noah and his family would have had to work very hard while in the Ark taking care of the animals. After spending 100 years building it, Noah was not even able to rest while on the Ark.

The last thing, which may be obvious to some, it would have smelled horrible in the Ark as it would have been all closed up and there would not have been much airflow.

We made some great memories and I came back with some fantastic photos.