I had the blessing to be able to go on a trip four wheeling in West Virginia with three of my best friends. We departed on May 6th and spent two nights in an old school in Gary, WV.

Here we are getting ready to leave early Thursday morning.

We got stuck in traffic which set us back about an hour or so.

Here we are not long after getting on the trails.

We had a few minor mechanical failures, one of which was my chain fell off on the trail. I was able to get it back on but had to milk it until we got to City of War. We found a really nice family that could get the chain tight enough to get us back to the school. We were running short on time, and so we had to take the road back which took about ~45mins.

This room at the school is currently under construction, but it looks really cool so far. I hope we get the chance to go back again soon!