I have been making progress on Sublime Blogs. It has been going rather smoothly. It’s always that way whenever I start a new project. Sort of deceitful… it gets much harder down the road. Currently, I’m just setting up everything, defining the database schema, and creating the basic dashboard.

It took me a while to finally decided on a javascript text editor to use on the front-end. I have three major requirements. It has to support markdown, allow image uploading, and be open source, so I can tweak and customize as needed without having to worry about licensing.

Easy Markdown Editor, or EasyMDE for short, fulfilled all three of those requirements and as a bonus, has a great UI. It’s a fork of SimpleMDE with a few added features. After a few hours of work, I was able to get the editor to send its content, on update, back to whatever Livewire component it is embedded in. It may not be the most elegant… but it works.