iPhone 13 mini

Last week, I received my iPhone 13 mini after ordering it a few days prior. I decided to upgrade from my iPhone XS to the 13 mini because Verizon was running a promotional. I only paid a few dollars after trading in my old iPhone XS, and it made sense to take advantage of the offer while my XS was still worth something.

Furthermore, I had done very little research on the mini before ordering it, but I knew Apple had significant improved the issues found on the iPhone 12 mini. I can say after using it over the last week I’m pleased with it, and I’m enjoying the smaller size. It’s a bit more difficult to type on when compared to the large screen of the XS, but the compromise is well worth the benefits of a smaller and more affordable phone.

With the large discount, I received on the phone, I decided to purchase a better quality case than I normally do. I opted to go with the first-party Apple MagSafe silicon case. This is the first time I have ever had an Apple case and I can say it is well worth the price. I like the traction my hand has on the soft silicon and overall, it has a very premium feel.

The battery on the 13 mini is surprisingly good when compared to my XS. I usually get through the day with 50-60% left.

The camera is a massive upgrade for me. Both cameras have exceptional quality and the night mode is outstanding!

Overall, I’ve really enjoyed my new phone and look forward to continuing to testing it.

Luke Bouch @lukebouch